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SmartBots, our own PropertyBots™, and AI Chat Bots & Avatars can get you great results on your interactions with prospects and clients. From sales queries, pricing, and on-boarding to complaint management and customer services; our AI [artificial intelligence] Chatbots and Avatars have their part to play in saving you time, reducing costs, whilst also making you more money. They can deal with a sales channel all on their own, OR they can automatically link to a live sales, or customer services agents, in your business, at the right point in a sale funnel.

Visitors Attention

Get the attention of your visitors. Keep it. Convert it.

The right script, question flow, answers, and next steps can help with your site’s On-Page visitor attention and retention which, we are sure you will agree, is crucial at every stage of your online sales funnel.

Contrary to what some will tell you, ChatBots, Avatars, or VideoBots, are not universally effective, so you need to use them for your business in the right place, in the right way. The experience issue some people have with them is not the chatbot itself but the way the questions have been structured and the way the conversation flow has been created. Which we specialise in putting right.

We help you cut through the marketing noise to get you better results. 

Engage Customers

Engage with your future customers.

Solve sales problems.

Calm complaints.

Boost leads, sales, conversions and reviews.

Just let us know which aspect/s you need help with, and we will structure a way for it all to work for you and your business.

Flexible Pricing

Our products and services are tailored to what you really need. We take the time and invest the effort to make sure we know exactly how your specific buyers and your market behaves and thinks.

We then create a flow that addresses all their concerns, questions, reservations, and more, directly, to get you the best possible results.  

What Are SmartBots, PropertyBots™, Avatars, and On-Page Chatbots?

SmartBots/Avatars, ChatBots, VideoBots and our PropertyBots™ [which have been created for our specialist market of estate agents/commercial agents/showroom tours], are all pre-programmed “on-page sales or service guides” or Virtual Assistants, that respond in a conversational way, using natural language patterns and engage site visitors, and give information. Whether you work with an English speaking audience, or different languages and markets – we have @ 30 language options, we can help you.

Our Avatars can use voiceovers, or up-to-date, TTS [Text To Speech technology and “lip-sync” technology] to give life to scripts that are created for each use. i.e. the needs of Estate Agents are very different say, from a dentist, and so on.

Avatars are the programmable 2D or 3D “people” that appear on a page, and supply information to a site visitor. Whereas ChatBots are the conversation boxes you often find on a site in the bottom right-hand corner, through which your site visitor interacts and has a conversation to gain more information, raise a complaint, or get questions answered. Sometimes they have a human behind them but more and more they have a conversation flow powered by AI [Artificial Intelligence].

For some, they are frustrating to use, but that is caused by the fact the conversation flows and the words used have been badly programmed, or the purpose they have been applied to is too complicated for the level of Chatbot.

Others may not tell you this, but Chatbots suit most, but not all situations.

The right conversation flows, and the right applications, make all the difference. 

ChatBots can also help filter an inquiry, a query, a complaint, or a sales prospect to the right information or person.

They are fully programmable and can include whatever calls to action you want them to do. You set up [or we can] a “chat flow”, with questions, and answers, some of which the flow may answer totally. Others will be programmed to “palm off” to the appropriate person, or departments, you wish them to speak with. They can be split tested too, to further enhance their effectiveness. And the more they are used the more they learn through the built-in Artificial Intelligence. And the more useful they become.

We help you set it all up and use the technology and scripting that gives you the ability to add visitor interaction on any of your websites, or pages through an advanced chatbot, smartbot/avatar/propertybotTM, and messaging system.

You can just have an avatar on its own, a chatbot on its own, or have both working together. All with the sole purpose of boosting your sales and leads, or managing customer service issues. 

The tech has been created using years of testing and data analysis and continues to evolve using industry-leading tools and features, and artificial intelligence. Installation is as easy as can be – just a simple bit of code. Curious? The call us on 01635 800074 or email

Who are these tools for?

The ChatBot and Avatar solution can apply to any business and we have our own PropertyBots™ solution for Estate Agents, Commercial Agents, Developers/Builders, and those in Luxury Goods Sales in major showrooms. And in marketing terms, our additional services can apply to any business, albeit we have in-depth experience in the property sales, lettings, and the new build sector. ChatBots are also well suited to certain aspects of the relocation management and home search sector too.

If you seek boosted results then these tools and services may be what you need to deliver extra results!

You can class them all as Virtual Chat Assistants and they can be added to ANY website (or even ones you don’t own) to instantly boost sales, conversions, and leads on blogs, e-commerce sites, bonus pages, and landing pages.

If you would like a ChatBot like the one on our services page, either leave your details with the chatbot [and get a major discount coupon for whatever you may buy in the future] or simply call us on 01635 800074 [which will be answered by a real person!] or email us at

How could you apply these to your business? Listed below we have suggested a list where they can help any business in:

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Complaints
  • Events
  • Announcements
  • Lead Capture & qualification
  • Information Delivery
  • Appointment Booking
  • Take Orders/Menu payments and selections
  • On-Boarding of new clients
  • Abandonment reductions, and much more…

There are 2D & 3D Avatars and even Animals for gaming/youth appeal, dependent on the market.

We can create Avatars/SmartBots by age, occupation, clothing/gender, according to your requirements and market.

They can be branded with the uniforms/accessories of the Avatar/SmartBot of your business.

And more…just follow your imagination…then let us know what you need.

Just email us at or call us on 01635 800074.


Get Your Very Own Chatbot, Who Will Say What You Want Said, How You Want It Said And Is Ready To Serve You, Your Clients, & Your Future Customers 24 Hours A Day / 7 Days A Week / 365 Days A Year

Why Work With OnPageChat?

  • We love what we, are good at it, and highly motivated to get you deliverable results – we have massive pride in our work
  • We are a professional, direct response marketing agency dedicated to helping you increase your sales, leads, and improvements to customer service while decreasing your expenses
  • Our cutting-edge technology utilises the latest innovations in AI, and 3D Animation.  
  • Our services improve interaction with visitors.  That means more engagement and more sales!
  • We are also none geek!
  • We are mostly of the grey-haired variety these days helping other business owners, sales and marketing managers who are not where they expected to be with their business due to CoVid. We offer a steadying hand and all the support you need to get you back on track.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Using This Technology Today!


“Henry is the best marketer I know”. Basil S – Owner of a data provider to the fuel industry.”

“I have just finished reading your paper. It is everything I needed and more – it’s a brilliant paper.” MMA – Marketer and Business Owner. 

The paper in question was a marketing and strategy paper on the Virtual World of 2nd Life. We also provided numerous other papers and did web sites for a range of their clients covering golf, ticketing sales and more.  

We have helped estate agencies, relocation firms. consultants and others with their marketing and lead gen.

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