INTRODUCTORY OFFER – Combined Chatbot & Avatar Package

£499.00 £325.00


Get our combined introductory package of both the Avatar AND Chatbot together. The introductory offer uses a member of our current cast and crew [but you choose], and we include everything you need, including longer scripting, for up to a 3min avatar presentation, and a ChatBot form with up to 9 questions/function/actions, provide you the embed codes for installing both on your site – or we can do that for you. In addition to providing both we will also:

  • add your company logo to the Avatar
  • fully brand the chat to your corporate colours
  • provide a comprehensive launch PR marketing package for your business
  • we will also set up a direct “Branded Live Chat” feature to interconnect with your sales, pre-sales, services or complaints team
  • allow the avatar speak time to extend to 3mins [for longer, just let us know]
  • edit/critique your script.
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