Virtual Chat + Avatar + “Shock and Awe” Marketing Package

£2,865.00 £1,149.00



In addition to installing both a chatbot and avatar, or PropertyBot™ and chatbot combination, we will also provide a comprehensive “Shock and Awe” marketing package for your business, plus additional features. All the above at £499 value plus:

  • Professionally written script using Natural Language and conversational design techniques to boost chatbot form completion and avatar effectiveness – normally £499 on its own 3mins duration for the Avatar [longer costs more].
  • up to 3 mins in length Avatar speaking time – with copy, TTS [text to speech] voice selection, pace and tone [includes rendering time]
  • Chatbot with 7-41 functionalities [questions/actions/responses] [normally £15 a function – saving you between £105-£615]
  • Chatbot with double the “response path options tree” to widen the response variety for more human-like interaction with the site visitor [normally £30 per split response path]
  • 1x Avatar and Video Mash on any element about your business or services i.e. the Avatar demonstrates/guides your prospect through a pre-determined presentation/sales pitch/subject matter of your choice with a strong CTA [call to action] at the end – normally from £320
  • PR Package -normally from £897.
  • Normal total = £2,355-2,865 – SAVE between £1,206-£1,716 in this introductory offer, limited to the first 40 now 35 customers
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