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You may have seen ChatBots  or Avatars on other sites but have you  considered them for your business?

On Page Virtual Assistants [SmartBots/Avatars and Chat Bots] use technology that gives you the ability to add visitor interaction on any website through an advanced chat bot and messaging system.

Their purpose?

To boost your lead generation, sales, or they can be an essential part of your customer service, or complaint resolution, or to inform and educate your customers, 24/7/365.

The solutions we have available to you have been created using years of testing and data analysis and continue to evolve using several industry leading features along with ever cleverer artificial intelligence.

What we do is tailored to your business, its target market [age group/look/age/profile etc], and the specific aim and action you want your site visitors to take.

Just get in contact to let us know your business challenges and discover how we can help you and your business.

01635 800074 or email 

The Ways We Can Help Depend On Your Business Wants…

On Page Chatbots/Virtual Assistants/SmartBots can fill a variety of roles in supporting your business goals and aspirations. All our services have one aim –

  • To provide you a simpler, more enjoyable life
  • Through help, support and solutions that give you and your business greater income for a more secure future
  • With which, despite CoVid19, your business will be financially safer, your stress will be reduced and with less anxiety
  • Which means we can help you go from worry to be more comfortable and to gain you more business fun again.

So, what can we do? OnPageChat’s services will help you address all the above and we provide all the back up you need to make it all work. 

Guidance . Customers seek and often need guidance and need help to know what to do next. You can use our Avatars & Chatbots etc to signpost the way, impart information, gather information and move people along  a defined path to get them to where they want to get too – but with your guiding hand! 

Exploration. Prospects and clients may want to know more about you, your business, your services. There are ways to do that. For example our OnPageChatbots can do guided tours of property [what we call PropertyBotsTM]. We create a property video and over lay that with an animated Virtual property guide. They can deliver information on all the best features, answer questions, even take offers! And do it 24/7/365.

Sharing. Your business will have expertise to share and our OnPageChat bots can help you do that.

Supporting. Whether that literally means “Customer Support” to adapting our OnPageChatbots to help at different stages of a sales funnel, on-boarding a customer, or dealing with complaints there are ways to help. 

KLT. Know , Like, Trust. OK, our OnPageChatbots are Virtual beings – but – done the right way they can help your business build on the Know, Like, and Trust needs of your prospects and buyers. Which makes your sales conversions easier.

Lead Qualification. One of our OnPageChatbot’s can help deal with your lead sources. Not only can they be created to deal with segmented lists they can also deal with cold, warm and hot traffic too, and send them the right way and help move them up your sales funnels or connect directly with a sales rep.

From Avatar Creation to Scripting, to Conversation flow and conversion, we have lots of ways to help you.

If you are looking to deliver great results, are medium to small scale and hate things being MADE overly complex when they do not need to be,.…

Just get in contact to let us know what you want to know and discover how we can help you and your business.

01635 800074 or email 

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